How many bids should I get?

We recommend getting three bids.

When can you start?

As soon as possible!

What is your process for free estimates?

We provide free, detailed estimates that we hand to you on-the-spot. This takes an hour or two, depending on your roof. Just to be safe, we ask that you set aside two hours. Our sales estimators are usually booked out 7-10 days for providing new estimates.

When can you start?

Any good roofing company should have a lead time of 4-6 weeks, depending on time of year. Demand is always high for our services; so, even though there are roofing companies that can start next week, we are worth the wait.

How long will it take to get a new roof?

This will depend on the size, pitch and complexity of your roof. Small to medium size houses usually take 1-3 days. Larger projects can take up to a week, or even more.

Do you have your own crews?

All of our crews are full-time, year-round, highly trained Liberal Professionals. We are very selective when it comes down to selecting the right partnership.

What if my home currently has a leak?

We always try to move leaky roofs up on the schedule so they can be completed as soon as possible. Depending on weather and project lead time, it often makes sense for S.F. Diversified Services LLC to implement a short-term fix.

What about gutters?

We recommend having your gutters replaced as part of your roofing project. Most customers who opt to not have their gutters replaced end up calling us to get that work done.